1)Dr fish full name is Jombo Ebizimor Fish.

2)He started entertainment in the church in port Harcourt after his secondary school education at army day secondary school bori camp.

3)He is a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

4)Dr Fish studied Science Education in Niger Delta University. Biology to be precise.

5)Dr fish is a comedian, an MC and an On Air Personality with royal FM handling shows on Monday to thursday  3pm -8pm, Friday 7:30pm, then Sunday at 6pm to 9pm.

6)He was a Biology teacher and alots of students has graduated under his guadiance.

7)Dr fish is a director,a script writer and has acted over 12 nollywood movies.

8)He was born 5th march ,1983.second son of his father.

9)Dr fish likes movies ,table tennis,cheese game,reading,music,dancing and finally beautiful ladies.

10)He has won over 8 awards in the course of his career.

11) He is currently doing his masters in Niger Delta University.

Hmmmmmm till now I myself never knew this crazy, funny and help full OAP was this multi talented and good as this..

To connect with Dr fish, facebook : Drfish jombo, twitter :@ebizimor_6, instagram :@drfish jombo

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